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Watson iLab is a team of 25+ young motivated people built on start-up and intrapreneurship principles within IBM and continually seeks to design, develop and deliver POCs, MVPs and Accelerators based on AI and Cloud.

Our Expertise

Machine Learning
Our main development stack is based on NodeJS, React, Typescript, and dockerization of everything for easier scaling and management. Although we use this stack for most of our applications, we are also able to use other technologies for web developing applications, such as Vue.js.

Our Methodology

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382Delivered Projects
Our focus is to deliver innovative projects (PoC, Demo, MVP, Prototype, and others) in any domain, while using cutting-edge technologies that are not just from the IBM portfolio. That is the reason why we have been an important part of a huge number of projects. Projects that we are cooperating on are mostly short and mid-term, but we also have experience with longer projects. Do you need any help? Do not hesitate to contact us!
Our sincere thanks to the iLab team for all their help and effort in designing and delivering the Project.
Working with iLab team was an amazing experience. Great work !
Although we are based in Prague, our clients are spread all over the world. Most of our work is done remotely, but if the project requires it, we do not hesitate to move our forces closer to the customer or the team where we can help.
Working with iLab team was an amazing experience. Great work !
Our team is composed of many young professionals who focus on various new technologies and trends. Watson iLAB consists of architects, developers, designers, AI / ML engineers, and data scientists. We are able to cover the projects ourselves or complement your team with the necessary expertise.

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